ITEESI PGmbH European Division Belgium PGmbH

Iteesi Quartum Center EupenIn 1994 ITEESI PGmbH was founded as daughter of the US enterprise for motivaton training. Its aim was to train small to medium size businesses in house and externally. Als banks were on the client list. Soon the focus changed from motivation training to seminars for loan and financing.

Soon we were asked to give advice with evaluation and creation of business plans, finance schedules, company profiles and loan applications, so it was only logic to document this with extending the business description with the corporate registry in 2000. In 1999 we moved into the prestigious Quartum Business Center Hütte 79 in Eupen, the address for business in Belgium’s German speaking region.

Today we give advice and guidance when looking for financing as well as for investment opportunities.

During the years we also acquired expertise in the field of the so called Private Placement Programs. We have the answer to the question how to make your money work profitably depending on your focus, be it sustainability, ecology, traditional investemt or joint venture partner for emerging technologies.

We assess the financial side of projects, help with establishing and structuring companies, take care when you need new banking connections and bank accounts.

Thanks to the special knowledge which we acquired over the years and the cooperation with our partners we can offer creative tailor made solution for each individual case.

Companies and indiviuals may profit from our expertise in finance, asset management, asset protection and making use of illiquid assets.

We can tell you what is possible and what is not possible.

Your request is our business!