eco energie

Everybody talks about the exit from fossil-fuel and nuclear energy. It is the challenge of our days to find alternative ways of energy production to fulfill mankind’s the still increasing  hunger for energy and at the same time protect the environment as far as possible .

This is an issue where many would like to take an active part but do not know how and where. Many have lost track which of all the new possibilties makes sense and is worthwhile. One favors wind energy, the other energy from bio mass, and there is a pro and con for each way.

Making use of energy in more than one way, i.e. when producing electrical energy not only use  electricity but the heat as well makes sense. But financially it does not make sense to  install a combined heat-power device in your own home, unless you own a hotel or a large housing complex.

But what about participating with monthly contributions in a combined heat-power plant and enjoy the benefits of an insurance policy at the same time, in other words have a pension plan scheme with participation in sustainable energy? If this sounds like a good idea,


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